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At NeonTrain we are passionate about providing eLearning solutions for everyone! We know quality eLearning improves learning outcomes, saves you time, reduces costs, and improves employee retention & organizational efficiency.

A Unique Approach
to the eLearning Journey

Learning is not meant to be one-size-fits-all! At NeonTrain we work with you to find the right learning solution for your organization.

Custom Solutions
Our team will meet with you to learn about your unique training requirements and discuss the best options to achieve your desired learning outcomes.
Course Builds
Our team of learning experts will review and evaluate your content, and together, we will select the right approach for building your course.
We connect you to the world’s best Learning Management system, Brightspace™️.
Custom Training
No matter your skill or ability level, our team has you covered when it comes to custom Brightspace™️ training and support.
Continuous Support
We’re here to support you, tailor-made to your specific needs.
Sell your courses online!
Reach a global market with your unique course content. Interested in selling your course in the store?

Trusted By Leading Brands

NeonTrain is proud to collaborate with leading organizations to create transformative learning solutions.

build your course, the way

What course design path works best for you?

Expert support to help me
build in Brightspace
Have a Learning Experience
Designer build my course

Explore Brightspace

Brightspace is an award winning system that can do it all.

Secure &
Easy to Use
Accessible For All Learners
99.95% Uptime

The NeonTrain


eLearning offers unparalleled flexibility and accessibility, allowing learners to engage with educational content anytime, anywhere.

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Save time
No matter where your training audience is located, eLearning ensures that time is spent in training, not on commuting or setting up in-person training sessions.
Your trainers don't need to be present for every second of training! Let them save their time for touchpoint sessions and leading meaningful discussions. Not re-explaining the basics that everyone can learn at their own pace.
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Reduce costs
Boost performance and retention while saving on retraining costs and preserving organizational knowledge.
With online training, your employee performance and retention improve.

Online training also helps reduce costs related to retraining, hiring and organizational knowledge and awareness that can be lost in standard paper-based employee training.
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Content standards & reusability
Deliver top-notch training every time with standardized modules, ensuring consistency and alignment among your team.
Imagine being able to deliver the same calibre of content every time you offer training without depending on your trainers' energy level or the facility.

By creating and re-purposing modules, your content is delivered in a standardized and consistent way.

This ensures all your volunteers, clients, or staff are on the same page, guaranteed.
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Improved Learning Outcomes
Cater to diverse learning styles and allow individuals to learn at their own pace for better results.
What is your real training goal? Putting your content online helps clarify your organizational learning objectives.

Whether you're training adults or children in a subject they're familiar with or is new to them, everyone learns differently.

Self-paced learning allows for the learner to go at the pace that is best for their learning style!

Trackside Tools

Trackside Tools

Welcome to our Trackside Toolbox, your one-stop destination for educational inspiration! Explore articles, videos, success stories, newsletters, and podcast episodes to enrich your learning journey.


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Brightspace™ Community
Brightspace™ Community

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Success Stories

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