At NeonTrain we are passionate about providing eLearning solutions for everyone!

Get On Track!
We believe quality online learning can save small to medium-sized organizations time, reduce costs and improve learning outcomes.

We are passionate about guiding small-medium business owners as they transform their businesses with progressive online learning approaches.
With our ability to connect our learning providers to the world’s best learning management system, Brightspace™, we offer an unparalleled custom experience.

We work with each client to understand their specific requirements and set them up with a solution designed to achieve their unique training and learning goals.
Empowering Learning Providers
I am proud to say I have witnessed firsthand with many clients the true impact of creating an online course for their company.

When clients tell us they now have more time to ‘do what matters’ in their business and now have more time for friends and family, I feel great pride in knowing we offer a product that has a genuine impact on the lives of our clients.

- Robert Belliveau, Founder & Owner
Our name
One of the most common questions we get is, ‘Where did the name NeonTrain come from?” Neon is a subtle nod to our learning platform, Brightspace™.

Train references the ‘training’ services we provide. Combined, you have NeonTrain!

When you meet any of our ‘NeonTrainers’, you will immediately know you have met a bright and passionate learning professional ready to support your team as you embark on your unique learning journey.
Our mission
To connect small businesses and organizations with expert online learning solutions.
Our vision
To empower a global community of knowledge creators to build transformative online learning.
Our iDEA Lense
We approach all aspects of our work through the applied lense of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA). This approach ensures all NeonTrainers are empowered to bring IDEAs to every element of their work, every day.

Our Values

The values that guide, inspire and motivate our team.


Our team stays ahead of the curve so we can equip our learning providers with the toolsand knowledge they need to succeed.


By prioritizing collaboration in our teams and with our learning providers, we achieve our goals more efficiently and effectively.


As a learning organization, we believe in the power of continuous personal and professional growth.


Our expert knowledge and understanding of our products and services allow us to deliver the best learning solutions and strategic advice to our learning providers.

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