Barrington Operational Performance Services

April 10, 2024

Barrington Operational Performance Services (Ops) provide custom programs to enable businesses to achieve long-term sustainability and efficiency. Learn how this team completely ‘flipped’ the classroom and took their training offerings to the next level with a little help from Brightspace & NeonTrain.


In the wake of COVID-19, the team at Barrington Ops faced a new challenge: how could they take their instructor-led training courses and deliver the same high-impact training to their clients virtually?

The team was doing their best to offer session via MS Teams or Zoom. Average class numbers were between 10-30 participants, with a lead instructor and depending on the course with a live instructor and another team member to monitor the chat and assist.

This approach left learners feeling overwhelmed from looking at a screen for multiple hours in a row. Also, the long days of online sessions were leaving the Barrington team deflated. They knew the content they loved to deliver was not reaching its intended audience with this ad hoc approach.

Senior team members Gary Cox and Robert Newcombe contactedRob Belliveau from NeonTrain to see what they could do to trulycreate an impactful online learning experience in Brightspace.


When discussing what immediate action could be taken, the team considered the idea of taking all course materials and placing them online for learners to view and consume in an asynchronous format.

This new approach would reduce the overall duration of the courses and also allow the learner to consume key course content on their own schedules in Brightspace.

Now instructors would now be freed up from trying to facilitate all course content over Zoom, to instead move into a coaching mode.

This additional time for coaching left more time for Gary and Robert to guide participants on how to implement course principles in their own organizations.

To read the full success story, download the PDF version below!

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