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The Brightspace™ Learning Management System allows for fast, efficient, and beautiful online course creation. With so many custom features and system tools, it's easier than ever before to get your content online quickly and easily!

D2L Channel Partner

NeonTrain is partnered with global learning giant D2L. This unique partnership allows us to bring the world's best Learning Management System directly to small-medium sized business and organizations.

Our goal is to help you grow! If you need access to integrations, data migrations or other features of a full Brightspace™ system, NeonTrain can facilitate that move to ensure you don’t lose any work you completed in our system.

Brightspace™ Partner Integrations

Integrity Advocate

Integrity Advocate protects learner privacy and ensures assessment integrity for online learning events.

Key Benefits of Integrity Advocate:

  • Leverages human reviewers assisted by proprietary technology to provide invigilation services that are available 24/7 on all devices, no plugins or software installation required.
  • The only identity verification, participation monitoring, and exam proctoring solution built on Privacy by Design principles.
  • Learners feel confident the process they are participating in is valid, and they appreciate that level of quality assurance. 
  • Course administrators are proud of the quality behind their processes; these integrity measures amplify the validity of any certification a participant receives in the course. 


Bongo offers an assessment and skills development solution like no other! Thanks to Bongo, learners are able to prove genuine skill mastery through learner-created video submissions.

Bongo’s Video Assignment offers several feedback options, including:

  • Self-Assessment
  • Auto Analysis
  • Expert Coaching
  • Peer Review
  • Tailored AI coaching


ReadSpeaker for Brightspace allows you to easily speech-enable all course content and provide a suite of audio-enhanced learning tools.

System Features:

  • ReadSpeaker improves accessibility, supports diverse learners with varying learning preferences and helps them successfully complete their courses. 
  • It is a fully Cloud-Based system, so there is no installation required.
  • This service is complimentary for all NeonTrain clients. 

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