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Sell Your Courses Online!

Do you have an online course you want to sell? The NeonTrain Store is your one-stop shop for online learning excellence!

Reach A Global Audience

• Your program and course products will be designed to match your organization’s branding.

• Single sign-on allows participants to move directly into your course when registration is complete.

• Customize your product with options to set up discounts, create bundled course packages, and set date-dependent pricing.

• Easily add and remove products from the store, edit product information as it changes, and create voucher/coupon codes for promotional discounts.

• Our system meets and exceeds all ISO, PCI and VPAT compliance and will auto-deposit your revenue right into your Stripe bank account.

• With our integrated course registration storefront, we can help your organization market course offerings or training programs to a global audience of learners.

The NeonTrain Store will:

• Get your learners signed up to your online course(s) instantly and without fuss.

• Provide you with "Buy Now" buttons for promoting your course in emails, blog posts, tweets, Facebook, or anywhere else on the web.

• Manage the store so you can spend more time on the things that matter. Simply provide us with any SEO, course details and we do the rest!

• Allow you to create bundled products which enroll purchasers on multiple courses, set coupon/voucher codes for discounting, set inventory levels for products which involve tutors or a classroom element (blended learning), and allow purchasers to buy multiple seats on your course and then allocate those seats themselves to a group of learners.

• Handle tax collection and remittance in Canada (GST/PST/HST) and provide you with a monthly remittance of revenue (minus our fees) to your Stripe Connect Account. (Early adopters will see payments by electronic funds transfers)

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Our team will meet with you to learn about your unique training requirements and discuss the best options to achieve your desired learning outcomes.

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No matter your budget or timeline, our team can get you on track for a course build that meets your needs. Learn more about our course build approaches.


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We connect our clients to Brightspace™, an industry-leading learning management system. Brightspace™ makes course building a joy and with fully responsive design, learning on the go has never been easier!

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NeonTrain offers training programs designed to support you at any stage of your course-building journey.


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