Support levels

Support levels to serve you best

Everything we do at NeonTrain is customized for our clients, this includes our service support options.

Classic Support

Classic support works well for Learning Providers who:

  • Have Brightspace experience 
  • Require minimal guidance and coaching

Concierge Support

Concierge support works well for Learning Providers who:

  • Are new to Brightspace and would benefit from frequent coaching and support
  • Require training strategy support
  • Have multiple course offerings 

Concierge support hours can be used for:

  • ANY of our hourly services
  • Monthly meetings with a designated account manager
  • Custom Instructor Support
  • Strategic Advice and Support
  • Guidance for Future Planning
  • Course Reviews
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Review

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our range of Learning solutions!

Custom Solutions

Expert Advice
Our team will meet with you to learn about your unique training requirements and discuss the best options to achieve your desired learning outcomes.

Course Builds

Your Course - Your Way!
No matter your budget or timeline, our team can get you on track for a course build that meets your needs. Learn more about our course build approaches.


Online Learning Excellence
We connect our clients to Brightspace™, an industry-leading learning management system. Brightspace™ makes course building a joy and with fully responsive design, learning on the go has never been easier!

Custom Training

The Expert Training Advantage
NeonTrain offers training programs designed to support you at any stage of your course-building journey.

NeonTrain Store

Reach a Global Audience
Sell and share your unique course content. Interested in selling your course in the store?